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Welcome to Tenet Marine Company

Tenet Marine Company Ltd is a leader of Crew Management in Ukraine.

Tenet Marine Co was established in 1993 and since then has been providing a comprehensive range of crewing services. The head office is located in Odessa. The company manages the network of branch offices in Ukraine and overseas offices in Russia, Georgia and the Baltic states.

We centre on employment of experienced, qualified and certified, according to STCW, seamen for serving on different types of vessels, such as Bulk Carriers, Container Ships, Tanker Ships, Refrigerator Ships, Passenger Ships, Coaster Ships and Offshore Fleet. 

Tenet Marine Co follows strict and effective qualities of crew selection and acquisition procedure in order for the selected seamen to be in conformity with high standards in point of competence, experience, English knowledge, job ambitions and motivations, safe work, loyalty and honesty.

Our Company is the initial stage for an abundance of seamen and Ship Owners / Managers, coping and conforming to their queries and needs with the full respect to the management principles, established by a client.

We perform our duties with full responsibility. Only by starting to work in close cooperation with us, you can make a point of the quality of our work and services.

Please view this web site to be acquainted in details with the specificity of our business or contact us personally if you have any question or enquiry about our services.

Our address

Head Office: Off 212, 2 Floor, Build 2, 
25oy Chapaevskoy Divizii Str. Odessa, 65101, Ukraine
Tel/fax: +380 482 338 025; Tel: +380 933 168 755

tenetcrew@gmail.com (for seaman's applications)

Hot Vacancies

 2 Eng 

Type- LPG; Fl- Panama; Bld- Japan 1998; DWT- 5214; M/E- Hanshin; HP- 3883; Crew- 15p Filipinos; Cont - 4+1.  Own- BSM Singapore; Wage- 8250$  


Type- CSH/MPV; Fl- Bahamas; Bld- Croatia 1983; DWT- 18476; GRT- 13470; TEU- 478; Crew- 27p (Ukr/Filip); Cont - 6+/-1.  Own- Greece; Wage- 7500$ (Only Ukrainian citizen)    

 Ch Eng

Type- CSH/MPV; Fl- Bahamas; Bld- Croatia 1983; DWT- 18476; M/E- B&W 6L67GFCA; HP- 11200; Crew- 27p (Ukr/Filip); Cont - 6+/-1.  Own- Greece; Wage- 7500$ (Only Ukrainian citizen)   


Type- CSH; Fl- Slovakia; Bld- Germany 2007; DWT- 3363; GRT- 2569; Crew- 7p (Ukr/Filip); Cont - 4+1.  Own- Germany; Wage- 4500$

 Ch Eng

Type- CSH; Fl- Slovakia; Bld- Germany 2007; DWT- 3363; M/E- MTU 4x600; Crew- 7p (Ukr/Filip); Cont - 4+1.  Own- Germany; Wage- 4200$

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